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Interning at Keenan

Guest Blogger 8/3/2015
Guest Blogger


Today is the last day of my internship at Keenan. During the course of my internship, I did everything from emptying donation boxes of clothes for Impact Day, to helping out at the Food Truck Fest, to presenting a research project on Instagram in front of the marketing department. This past summer I have learned so much about what to expect and how to be successful in the business world.

When I started in early May, I was basically a college kid who didn’t have a clue what to expect at this internship. I didn’t even know what I would be doing in the marketing department. I remember on my first day, I was able to meet all of the employees in the marketing department and then one of those employees took me on a tour of the entire Keenan building. Looking back I remember thinking, “this place is such a maze”. After over two months of interning here, I have become a lot more comfortable navigating around the office. I have also learned a lot about Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and even the scanning machine in the back room.

jensen_blog_bodyMy biggest accomplishment here at Keenan was when I gave my presentation on why Keenan & Associates should create an Instagram account. I spent about two months researching how companies use Instagram, putting together best practices, and conducting competitive analysis. I presented my findings to the team and I was able to arm them with the information they will need to make a decision about creating an Instagram account for Keenan. I felt very accomplished when it was over because I was able to get up in front of a group of business people and conduct an engaging presentation. In retrospect, I realize how far I have come from the start of my internship.

As I noted earlier, I had no idea what my role was going to be or what I was going to be doing. Now, I understand that my role was not only to help out Keenan employees with everyday work, but to grow as a young individual who wants to make it in the corporate world. I could not have done all the great things at Keenan as well as grow without everyone on the marketing team who helped and guided me throughout the course of my internship. And a special thanks to Brad Keenan (not in the marketing department) for helping with my research project and presentation. I will always be grateful to Keenan & Associates no matter where I end up in my career.


jensen_blog_bioAbout Aaron Jensen
Aaron Jensen will be attending his junior year at Northern Arizona University where he studies Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertisement. He is originally from Torrance, CA and enjoys presenting in front of people. Aaron is also very passionate about hockey and golf.