HR Challenged by the ACA

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There has been a lot of discussion about the many implementation challenges the ACA has wrought on employers and none feel the challenges more than those working in HR.  Between ensuring full-time employees are offered coverage, preparing for the upcoming reporting and thinking about the Cadillac Tax, HR managers have been busy.  The Society for Human Resource Management recently released the results of its annual survey on Health Care Reform for 2015.  The survey touches on several issues, including:

  • Overall increases in health care costs
  • Planning to avoid the Cadillac Tax
  • Changes to eligibility for benefits
  • Changes to plan design and offering of non-health benefits
  • Complexity of the ACA as an implementation barrier

Notably, the survey results show that many HR managers are relying on their insurance broker for advice and guidance on meeting the various ACA implementation challenges.  Information about how Keenan can help you and your organization meet these challenges is available here.