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Honoring our Veterans’ Service…With Service

Guest Blogger 11/10/2015
Guest Blogger


Veterans Day is a time for us all to reflect upon and express our gratitude for the men and women who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedom. One great way to honor our veterans’ service is with some service of our own on their behalf.

There are many worthy organizations dedicated to making the lives of our veterans and their families better – both while they are serving and after they come home.

One such organization is Operation Gratitude.  Keenan has been proud to work with this group for the past 3 years, as one of the many charitable organizations we support at our Keenan IMPACT Day.

blog_operation_gratitude_02Operation Gratitude is a non-profit organization dedicated to sending care packages to members of the U.S. Military.  It is a simple, yet very powerful mission.  These brave men and women are far from home, away from family and friends for months on end, and enduring challenges that most of us cannot even imagine on a daily basis.  But when they receive a care package from Operation Gratitude, it serves as a comforting reminder that they are not alone and that we appreciate their service more than words can express.

One serviceman took the time to send Keenan a thank you email for the package that he and the rest of his crew on the U.S.S James E. Williams received.  He wrote:

“The crew loved the packages! Mail days on board the ship are far and few between, so when we do get mail it makes the weeks without so much better. Then we have some guys on board who don’t always get mail from home, so it helped out with morale more than I can explain!

Everywhere I go on the ship I see someone with notes posted in spaces, or stuffed animals in their pockets, or even a piece of candy talking about how awesome of an organization that Operation Gratitude is. I am sure that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the kind hearted folks like the people at Keenan!

It is fantastic to hear that you guys still participate in the program! The toiletry packs come in handy! Even better than that are the kind words in your letters! Something so small means so much to us out here!

Thank you all for your support from the entire crew of the James E. Williams!”

This Veterans Day, please take a moment to consider the many opportunities you have to volunteer, donate or otherwise provide a service of your own to our Veterans.   Our service can go a long way toward honoring theirs.


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Dan Keenan, Senior Vice President, leads Keenan’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. He also works closely with public agencies and Keenan benefit consultants to design and implement retirement programs.