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Gifts of Immeasurable Value: Everyday Kindness

Guest Blogger 12/23/2015
Guest Blogger


Many of us are anticipating gift-giving (and receiving) while watching our budgets and credit card balances bounce along with our stress levels in this hectic season. We try so hard to decide on just the thing that will brighten each person’s holiday. Looking for a better gift suggestion? It’s something you can’t pick up at the mall or buy from an online retailer with free 2-day shipping. Even better, it’s available for instant delivery and always in-stock.

Do something kind for someone.

This month, we’re introducing Everyday Kindness, a campaign to raise awareness of everyday acts of kindness and inspire action in our schools. Kindness in our schools enhances learning, and provides a starting point for that kindness to reach their families and communities.

Kindness is a gift that is sure to be appreciated. Maybe it’s a helping hand just when they need it; encouragement during a discouraging time; the simple comfort of a hot beverage when the world feels cold; or spending quality time with someone who wants you close by. Each act of kindness is unique, personal and affordable.

blog_happy_heartNo matter your financial situation, everyday kindness enriches your recipient, but at the same time it enriches you every time you give it away. There are real mental and physical health benefits when you give acts of kindness. Kindness is also highly contagious, inspiring others to share the gift.

Watch the difference your acts of kindness make for the people around you – your loved ones, people you work with or someone you’ve never met before – not only this time of year, but every day.

Just don’t be surprised when you get the same thing back.



blog_mizokawaAbout Jeffrey Mizokawa
Jeffrey Mizokawa is Assistant Vice President at Keenan. He is currently Project Manager of the Everyday Kindness Initiative. Having grown up in Hawaii, he hopes to spread kindness in the same way the “Aloha Spirit” is spread in the islands.