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Customer Service: What’s in it for the Customer?

Guest Blogger 4/28/2015
Guest Blogger

There’s nothing worse than having a question, a concern – or even to be ready to buy something – and to feel like you are being ignored. How many of us have hung up after being on hold for the better part of an hour (while being assured by the recording that our call is important)? Have you given up in frustration after being transferred from one person to another who is unable to help you? Did you ever have to leave an intended purchase on the counter because no one ever showed up behind the cash register? If so, you are not the only customer those organizations have lost.

blog_april_serviceIn the world of public agencies and health care, customers are called students, parents, constituents, patients, citizens… and they all have good and bad experiences with “customer” service. Creating a culture of stellar service within your organization benefits your employees as well as your customers. Organizations that think first about what the customer needs and what will solve their problems are on the right path to creating this culture.

We recently put together an article to describe what Keenan is doing to enhance and reinforce our culture of customer service. We hope you will enjoy reading more about it and that you will provide feedback to our Service Council on how we are doing.

How does great customer service benefit the customer?

  • It saves time. Prompt and attentive service means less waiting around, getting to the crux of what is needed more quickly, and having the resources available to get the job accomplished.
  • It saves aggravation. When you know where to go to get the assistance you need, you feel more confident that you will be able to get your work done on a timely basis and you avoid the frantic rush as deadlines approach.
  • Your issues get resolved. In the fast-paced environment with conflicting priorities, issues and misunderstandings are bound to come up. But when you are dealing with an organization with a strong customer service culture, you know that they are resolution-oriented. They will make your problem their problem to take care of and make it a priority to resolve it quickly.


blog_angeliAbout Jenise Tomasello
Jenise Tomasello is responsible for the overall service delivery and administration functions of the field customer service teams.  Her responsibilities include overseeing the development and implementation of best practices that will enhance customer services throughout our organization.