5 Questions on King v. Burwell

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All eyes will be on the Supreme Court later this month when it hands down its ruling in King v. Burwell.  The plaintiffs in King have challenged the validity of subsidies for individuals purchasing health insurance coverage through federally-facilitated exchanges in approximately three dozen states.  If the Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, those subsidies will no longer be available to individuals in those states.

Understandably, the case has garnered a great deal of media attention and aroused even more speculation about the possible outcome.  Although the decision will not directly impact California, many are eagerly anticipating the decision and wondering whether Congress will take action, if necessary.  For those who have managed to dodge the media frenzy and are playing catch-up on the issues, Kaiser Health News recently issued a set of five commonly asked questions and answers about the case, its potential impact and other pending legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act.