Watch: Don’t Be a Victim to Cyber Liability Risks

Data is everywhere within our organizations. Not protecting the data puts your organization at risk of lawsuits and other regulatory fines.

Cyber liability is one of the newest emerging risks that schools, public agencies, and healthcare organizations must manage on a daily basis. Don’t become one of the almost 4,500 organizations across the United States who were victims of a data breach within the last 10 years. This webinar discusses the following:

  • What is a data breach?
  • What are the different ways a data breach can occur?
  • What data does my organization have that is protected by law?
  • Are schools, public agencies, and healthcare organizations really targeted by hackers?
  • What laws regulate how I need to protect my organization’s data?
  • Once a data breach happens, how costly will it be?
  • How can I take steps to prevent a data breach?
  • Is there insurance in the market to help transfer some of the cyber liability?
  • How secure is my organization’s data?


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