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Short on time? Here Are Five Ways You Can Give Back

Guest Blogger 11/24/2014
Guest Blogger

Since this is the time of year that is all about “giving back” I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas on how you, your families and friends can help those in need within your own community even during the busiest of holidays.


  1. operation_gratitudeDo you want to recognize our troops overseas during the holidays?  Send them notes, letters and holiday cards to keep their spirits up!  See OPERATION GRATITUDE for more information on how to get started.
  2. Could you brighten a person’s day? Purchase some inexpensive flower pots at your local dollar store or thrift shop, along with potting soil and a few plants at your local home improvement store. Wrap them with a pretty bow and drop them off at a local nursing home.
  3. Do you like to bake?  Host a holiday baking party with your friends and family and bake holidays treats to take to a homeless shelter.
  4. Do you have “Happy Feet”?  Buy a bulk pack of tube socks. Fill one sock with a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. and then roll up the other sock and put it in there too. You can also include other small items such as hard candy, gum, etc. Tie the top of the sock with a ribbon and donate the entire box to a homeless shelter.
  5. Are you a softie when it comes to animals? Try making “Tugga Toys” out of old t-shirts you have filling your drawers to donate to a local animal shelter.  Or volunteer to walk or play with dogs at the shelter during the holidays. Many of the employees are off during the holidays, so most of the dogs stay in their kennels.

I encourage you to use these suggestions as a kick-start to thinking about ways you can make a difference in your community and improve the lives of those less fortunate.  Let’s hear your ideas!



blog_angeliAbout JoAnn Angeli
JoAnn is Keenan’s Meetings & Events Specialist as well as the proud “momma” to Chewy, her 5-year old canine “son”.   When she’s not planning an event for the Company, JoAnn keeps busy by getting involved in her community.