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Preventing Physical and Sexual Abuse

John Stephens 3/25/2014
John Stephens

Physical and sexual abuse in schools, which used to be seen as an isolated local issue, has now become a national, federal and political issue. One report mandated by Congress estimated that as many as 4.5 million students between kindergarten and 12th grade are subject to sexual misconduct and physical or verbal abuse while national research concluded that less than 10% of abusers are ever caught or identified.

apc_blogKeenan is pleased to announce the creation of the online Abuse Prevention Center. The Abuse Prevention Center includes the critically needed Mandated Reporter course and several other Online Training courses, Best Practices, FAQs plus various resources to help schools prevent and respond to abuse risks. We are making these tools available to all California public school districts regardless of whether they are a Keenan client. In addition, a white paper “Physical & Sexual Abuse in Schools – A Harsh Reality Facing Your District” is available to initiate dialog on this important issue. The Abuse Prevention Center is now live and can be accessed at

I encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and school leaders in your community and we invite your input as we continue the discussion of abuse prevention on our various Social Media channels. As a risk management professional and parent, I’m extremely proud of our organization for taking a leadership role in this very sensitive issue. If you have any thoughts on other tools you would like to see or how we can work together to raise awareness and prevent abuse, please let us know. It is our hope that as many California school districts as possible take advantage of these resources and training courses so that our children have the safest environments possible to learn and grow as they are the future for our generation.