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KSS Success!

kudos_hemetHemet USD

Lucy Dressel & Lura Castillo
Safety, Benefits and Risk Management

By the Numbers

Hemet USD started assigning KSS courses on April 1, 2014.  In the past 4 months, they have blazed a record-breaking trail:

  • 17,201   Total Completions
  • 5,093    Employees
  • 53%   Hemet employees who’ve taken 1 or more courses

What are the ‘secrets’ to your success with KSS?
We worked with Human Resources to provide a more streamlined approached to New Hire Orientation by utilizing KSS.  A training plan for all employees was created specific to New Hire Orientation.  Each job classification has a tailored training plan as well.  All on-line training must be completed prior to being Board approved.  This process was started in March and went live in April.

How do you keep employees motivated about KSS?
During the 2013/14 School Year, we utilized the monthly leadership meetings to provide informational updates and training to management personnel on new regulatory requirements or large loss drivers.

Having them exposed to the wealth of information available through P&C Bridge and the KSS on-line training program has allowed us to be more successful with streamlining annual training through KSS.

What are your KSS plans for the 2014/2015 school year?
Our planning for the KSS on-line roll out for 2014/15 began in May and went live in July. Administrators and management of all kinds provided information to their employees regarding the training. We are heavily utilizing the email notification process.

Any KSS feedback from your district?
We have received a large amount of feedback in regards to the KSS training.  This statement stood out:

“I learned new things and was reminded of many previously studied things.  I would recommend the trainings for ALL staff members in EVERY district in EVERY state.  Fresh training (and refresher ones) could definitely save lives and futures.  Thank you for this opportunity.”  Patricia Carratello

Keenan Kudos to Lucy Dressel and Lura Castillo on their great efforts with KSS!