Keenan and California Schools VEBA Announce Alliance with Medical Appropriateness Project (MAP)

TORRANCE, Calif. – March 5, 2014 – The California Schools Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA), and Keenan, the largest privately held insurance brokerage and consulting firm in California, have  announced an alliance with the Medical Appropriateness Project (MAP). MAP is a non-profit endeavor created to develop analytical processes to identify trends, anomalies and best practices in the delivery of health care among California medical groups and individual practitioners to improve the quality and appropriateness of health care, optimize medical outcomes and reduce costs. Additionally, MAP will educate consumers on the importance of receiving medical care from high-quality physicians.

As part of this exciting and innovative alliance, Tom Edwards, Senior Vice President of Keenan, was appointed to the MAP Board of Directors. MAP board members include scientists, researchers, public officials and representatives from public and private sector employer groups, with the common aim of improving health care and reducing expense.

“Our collaboration with Keenan on MAP research will help to develop a precedent-setting model for health care delivery,” according to George McGregor, Executive Director of VEBA. “Keenan’s participation will expand this initiative to a broader group of stakeholders throughout the state.”

The MAP project aims to demonstrate that the quality of health care improves through the delivery of appropriate care. Appropriate care is defined as “health care treatment that is necessary, proven to be the most effective protocol for the specific medical condition and whose benefits far outweigh any risks.” From research conducted in the San Diego area, the organization found that some medical providers charge up to 200% more to treat the same condition and that other providers use outdated protocols resulting in poorer patient outcomes.

“Tom Edwards’ appointment to the MAP board demonstrates Keenan’s commitment to health care quality and lowering the cost trends,” said John Scatterday, Employee Benefits Practice Leader for Keenan. “We are truly excited about this dynamic new relationship.”

MAP’s goal is to lower health care costs by up to 30% within the next three to five years. By reducing inappropriate care and its associated costs, the organization expects to lower the overall costs of health care while maintaining a high level of quality and favorable patient outcomes. Working with a team of highly qualified researchers and medical experts, MAP will utilize claims data to determine areas of study. Research results will be carefully analyzed and interpreted to provide an accurate representation of how and where appropriate care is being delivered in the region.

For more information about MAP, contact Janice Cook at 855-888-1922. To find out more about Keenan insurance solutions, visit

About Keenan
Founded in 1972, Keenan is the 17th largest insurance consulting and brokerage firm in the U.S., and the largest independent broker in California. Keenan is dedicated to providing superior insurance products and services to schools, community colleges, healthcare organizations and municipalities for employee benefits, health benefit management services, workers’ compensation, risk management, and property and liability. With headquarters in Torrance, CA, Keenan has a staff of more than 650 insurance specialists and branch offices in Riverside, San Clemente, Oakland, San Jose, Rancho Cordova, Redwood City, Pleasanton and Eureka. For more information, call 800-654-8102 or 310-212-3344, email or visit

About VEBA
VEBA is the California Schools Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA), a joint labor-management trust formed for the purpose of purchasing health care benefits for school district employees and their families.

About MAP
The Medical Appropriateness Project (MAP) is spearheaded by the California Schools Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA) and the California Coalition of Employee Benefit Plan Sponsors (Co-Op). MAP research will gather, analyze and interpret claims data provided by participating organizations. The statistical evidence uncovered by MAP research on inefficiencies in health care in Southern California will be used as a catalyst for positive health care change for VEBA and Co-Op members, as well as the population at large.