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Don’t take aging sitting down!

Kathy Espinoza 1/14/2014
Kathy Espinoza

The latest research tells us that our working society ‘sits’ too much.  To make it worse, we round our shoulders forward while at the computer and lurch our head in front of us like a turtle coming out of its shell. When you sit at your computer like this, you look old, and it will make you feel old.

comp_postureErgonomics can help fix this issue when sitting. Start with your monitor. Are you slouching forward and down because the monitor or laptop screen is so low? Raise the monitor up until the top of the screen is at eye level.  Wow, do you feel taller and younger already?  If you are on a laptop all day, set the laptop up on two reams of paper and attach an external keyboard and mouse.

Related to our posture at the computer is how aging changes our vision. If you have progressed to bifocals, be sure the monitor is lowered towards the desktop. This allows you to sit up tall and look at the monitor through the bottom half of your glasses. If you are raising your chin to get the monitor in focus, take the monitor down lower or increase the font size on the screen but keep the chin down.  Who cares if your Word doc defaults to a font size 72?

Let’s take another few years off by sitting up straight!  I see lots of people sit on the front half of their chair with their feet up on the legs of the chair and hunch. Pull the backrest of your chair in closer so you can sit back in your chair with the backrest against your back. You may notice there is a rounded portion in the backrest, which goes right at your beltline. Notice what happens to your posture when you sit against the backrest, with the lumbar portion supporting your low back. Your SHOULDERS go back, you sit up straight and the years slide right off your body. Let the chair help you look younger and improve your posture.

Lastly, on the drive home from work in your car, do you crane your head forward while driving? Unless you are trying to get your head home first, sit back and keep your head in line with the rest of your body. Imagine placing a bowling ball on top of a broomstick. It’s easier to balance when the bowling ball is centered over the stick. Your head weighs as much as a bowling ball so can you imagine how heavy it is for your back and shoulders to try to keep your head balanced?

Sit up straight and keep your head balanced over your spine so you will hear far fewer complaints from the rest of your body about how old it feels.