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Sharing an Outstanding Success Story

Raydella Lewis 8/6/2013
Raydella Lewis

Last week, one of our student interns was featured in a Los Angeles Times article highlighting the success Verbum Dei High School has had in helping their low-income students continue into higher education. All 60 graduates of the Verbum Dei Class of 2013, including Roberto Placensia, will be going to college! I wanted to let Robert share a bit more with you about his high school experience and his four years at Keenan before he heads off to the University of California, Riverside this September.

Robert PlacensiaRobert told me that “the most important thing I learned from my high school years was that getting involved in activities and clubs makes high school easier to handle and helps build stronger relationships with your peers. It also helps when working together in a team in or outside of school.”

He believes that Verbum Dei’s strong focus on academics is the reason all of his classmates are moving on to college: “The workload at Verbum Dei was massive, much like how it will be in college. In a way, it was preparing us for what we should expect in a college classroom.”

Robert says he got a lot out of his internship experience. “My work-study internship helped me grow in my computer skills, my organization skills and in my communication skills. This helped me become a better student and gave me an upper hand for the future. I now have work experience which will make it easier when I am older and will be applying for positions and hopefully working in companies like Keenan.”

Robert will enter UC Riverside as a Business Economics major. “But that might change in the following years,” he considers, “possibly to a specific field of business like Marketing.”

Keenan has participated in the Verbum Dei Corporate Work Study Program since 2003. We are proud of Robert and wish him future success at UC Riverside and in his future career aspirations!