Watch: Part 2 – Disproportionality of Special Education Students in Student Discipline Matters (California)

Recent data suggests that students with disabilities are almost twice as likely to be suspended from school as non-disabled students, with the highest rates among African-American children with disabilities. This data also supports that out-of-school suspensions correlate to high drop-out and later incarceration rates and lower student achievement. As student discipline matters can become the basis for complaints of discrimination and special education due process hearing matters, and because of the need for effective discipline and safe schools, a student-centered proactive approach to student discipline is essential.

This webinar presented information regarding reasons for disparities in out-of-school suspensions; an administrator’s flexibility in application of student discipline; the manifestation determination process; and, best practices for implementation and consideration of alternative measures such as positive behavior supports.

Disproportionality in Special Education : Part 2      Special Education Timeline
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