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Look Years Younger in 10 Minutes

Kathy Espinoza 12/17/2013
Kathy Espinoza

Stand up straight. Yes, you heard me and, yes, I sound like your mother. Our posture telegraphs our age more than anything, other than wrinkles, of course.  As a person ages, shoulders tend to round in, height is lost and yes, we shuffle along to the Party Rock Anthem, “Everyday I’m Shuffling, Shuffling”.  When this happens to your body, you look old.

Standing up straight is not automatic… unless you have the muscle tone to pull it off.  Obsessively reminding yourself to stand up straight, shoulders back works only until you exhale. You need to exercise and do some weight lifting to strengthen the muscles in your upper back, so your body stands erect naturally, without reminders.

Simple exercises to help avoid shrinking while we age would be to pull your shoulder blades together and squeeze them. Try it now. Those are the rhomboid muscles and they loved that. You can even find some small hand weights or water bottles and standing with one foot in front of the other, arms down by your side, then pull the weights behind you with straight arms, without swinging.  The muscles you are working are your standing posture muscles and we need these muscles to keep us upright and looking young.

What your friends, spouse or kids might not tell you, your body will. Pain in the mid-back region of your back in the middle of the day is a posture ache.  It’s your back’s way of nagging you to stand up straight!! Tight neck and shoulder muscles are telling you to sit back in the chair, pull your shoulders back and keep your head in line with the rest of your body.

We all want to look younger. This one is easy and inexpensive. Stand tall, and let the new, younger you feel more confident!  We can deal with the wrinkles later…