Covered California Opens for Business

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The California Health Insurance Exchange (Covered California) opened its doors to the public on October 1, 2013. Covered California is expected to be the largest exchange in the United States but many of the details of the Covered California rollout have been overshadowed by events on the national stage. Kaiser Health News (KHN) has come out with an article about Covered California’s first few days of operation.

According to the KHN article Covered California has taken 16,000 applications to cover 28,700 people, and about 400 businesses have registered with the Small Business Health Options Plan (SHOP). Approximately 59,000 people have called the Covered California call center while the Covered California website has received nearly a million visitors. The KHN article also contains some information about the opening of Covered California as well as comments by Covered California employees and members of the public.

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