Medicare Secondary Payer Requirements

Recently enacted Medicare Secondary Payer requirements have heightened awareness of the Medicare Demand Letter process. In the event that Medicare mistakenly made primary payments for services which should have been paid by the Group Health Plan, a Demand Letter is sent out to recover primary payments from any entity responsible for making primary payment, including employers that sponsor or contribute to the Group Health Plan. The responsibility for recovering payment lies in the hands of the employer. We have assembled a group of documents to assist you with the Medicare Secondary Payer provisions and MSP Demand Letter Process.

  1. Medicare Demand Letter Client Checklist
  2. CMS Letter Flow Chart
  3. October 2008 Briefing
  4. MSP Demand Letters
  5. Authorization Letter
  6. MSP issue Sample Letter
  7. MSP Multiple Carrier Assistance Requested

Keenan conducted a webinar that covered how these new requirements affect your organization. You can either view the presentation as a PDF, printable document or you can view the recorded session.

Download the PDF Presentation


View the recorded session