Keenan has developed 340B Compliance & Management Solutions to help qualified hospital and health system clients maximize cost savings and revenue under the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program.

340B Compliance & Management Solutions

Keenan has extensive 340B experience in policy, auditing, analytics and pharmacy operations to help you navigate the complexities of today’s 340B environment. Keenan’s 340B compliance and management solutions optimize your financial and clinical performance.

  • Compliance Audits. Independent audits to prepare for an HRSA audit, including:
    • Onsite 340B Program Review. Procedures and systems evaluation of covered entity eligibility criteria, compliance with the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) prohibition and the orphan drug exclusion, procurement and distribution of 340B drugs, patient definition, prevention of duplicate discounts and level of audit documentation.
    • Contract Pharmacy 340B Review. Examines a 340B entity’s contract pharmacy arrangements, from a review of the Pharmacy Services Agreement to patient definition requirements. Includes random sample testing of each contract pharmacy.
  • 340B Program Implementation.  We manage the complex and time-consuming registration and application requirements, operationalize 340B procedures, evaluate systems, and analyze the value of a contract pharmacy network. This ensures your hospital can optimize your participation in the 340B program.
  • RFP / Vendor Selection.  Selecting the right 340B vendors can be a daunting task; we know the questions to ask and can manage the process from the start of the request for proposal (RFP) through implementation.
  • Financial Review. A comprehensive 340B financial analysis, including potential impact for adding or removing contract pharmacies, GPO and orphan drug impact, and formulary review.
  • Internal Policy Review.  Assistance with creating or editing of 340B policies and procedures. We review current policies and quality assurance processes, providing feedback for improving compliance.
  • Education & Training.  Customized training – onsite or online – to all departments involved in 340B compliance from the pharmacy to the C-suite.
  • Self-Audit Tools & Protocol.  Assistance with developing protocols, sampling methods and technology for a self-audit process to detect and resolve issues prior to a HRSA audit.

Learn how our 340B Compliance & Management Solutions can support your 340B needs by contacting: 340Bsolutions@keenan.com or 310.212.0363 ext 3235