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Kathy Espinoza

About Kathy Espinoza
Kathy is Keenan's ergonomist and conference speaker, authoring numerous articles on ergonomics, injury prevention and management issues that have an impact on Keenan clients.

Keenan is proud and excited to be part of the upcoming 8th Annual Safe Schools Conference, July 19-21 in Orange County. We encourage our colleagues […]

We are all working as fast as we can, and often times, we train assistants to help provide “triage” ergonomics assessments. As a Board Certified […]

Trying to reduce workers’ comp claims and lost time? Do you tend to look at the obvious first? Things like workplace design, injury prevention training, […]

Back pain is common, expensive and one of the leading workers’ compensation concerns.  There are things we know for sure about back pain and things […]

We’re proud to announce that during April, Keenan SafeSchools is celebrating 2 million course completions for the online training program! As you can see from […]