Focus on Schools & Colleges

An industry leader in insurance, employee benefits and financial solutions for California schools and community colleges over 30 years, Keenan & Associates is the foremost authority on the successful development of fiscally sound programs for schools.

Schools & Colleges

Innovation That Works

By integrating our suite of services and using our extensive knowledge of public agencies, we provide you with high quality, cost effective risk management and benefits programs designed to achieve three basic goals:

  1. Satisfying employee expectations
  2. Reducing loss
  3. Producing sustainable budget performance

Specialized Focus

Keenan’s mission is to protect you, your employees and your critical financial assets by constantly anticipating change and redirecting solutions to benefit the health of your programs. As a uniquely integrated organization, our proprietary programs maximize efficiencies, improve communication and focus on reducing your total cost of risk.

Enduring Principles

We are strong advocates for our clients. We recognize that schools and community colleges face unique risks and insurance requirements. Our goal is to continuously develop and deliver customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs as part of a long-term commitment. The results are stability, security and district resources that are fully protected.