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9/11/2018 - Audit says California Schools’ Active-Shooter response is inadequate

A recent audit of three California school districts found schools unprepared for incidents of gun violence



9/10/2018 - California Lawmakers send school safety bills to Gov. Brown’s desk

California legislative bills pending the governor’s signature or veto to mandate school safety plans, classroom door locks and gun violence restraining orders.




8/16/2018 - How to Design Schools in Era of Mass Shootings

CNN spoke with designers, architects, and security experts on how to design a school in the age of mass shootings. This article provides several suggestions, in line with a theory known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, to make schools safer, without the fortress feel.


7/26/2018 - Calif. Gov. Signs Bill to Protect Confidentiality in College Sexual Assault Cases

Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1896 into law, making communications between an assault victim and crisis counselor at a private or public college or university protected communication.

7/24/2018 - A Guide for Conducting Threat Assessments in Schools

Campus Safety magazine presents a step by step, multi discipline, threat assessment guide, as a resource to school officials to create their own threat assessment programs.