Public Agency Coalition Enterprise (PACE)

Intelligent pooled purchasing to control medical costs.


Keep PACE and Narrow the Gap
PACE is an intelligent alternative designed to position California public agencies for health care in the 21st century. Governed by the agencies belonging to it in the emerging health care environment, PACE provides leadership in addressing the challenges.

Is PACE right for your agency?
Large jointly pooled arrangements are proven alternatives in providing agencies leverage in the health care market, but not all pooled purchasing programs work to your advantage. For agencies currently on a stand-alone basis, or participating in a group purchase program or CalPERS with no member input, PACE is an attractive alternative.

Get a Quote for PACE
Public agencies eligible to participate in PACE can get a quote for Anthem if they have a minimum of 20 employees or a quote for Kaiser if they have a minimum of 50 employees. Contact a Keenan representative or complete our online form to get a quote.

PACE membership
PACE members receive personal assistance and resources to effectively administer health care plans, deliver service to employees and maintain compliance with federal and state requirements. The program offers a choice of two health plans, Anthem and Kaiser.

  • Range of plans available based on agency needs and budget
  • Underwriting guidelines protect the risk pool for all member agencies
  • Online benefits eligibility and health care enrollment with Keenan’s BenefitBridge website, includes automated enrollment and easy access to benefits
  • Wellness resources that help lower long term health care costs