How Keenan Can Help

The ACA makes important changes to how employers can use the tax-advantaged status of HRAs to pay for employee health coverage.

How Keenan Can Help

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) could add significant costs to your employer health benefits.  What information do you need to make decisions?  The decision making process involves many factors – from costs to employee relations – that requires careful analysis of the options available based on data specific to your workforce. We can help!

Keenan’s Comprehensive Health Care Reform Solutions

  • Health Care Reform Strategic Impact Study
  • Keenan Workforce Analysis
  • EQUIFAX Workforce Solutions ACA Management Platform
  • UnifyHR Solutions for ACA
  • SAFEHARBOR by Empyrean

Our comprehensive solutions will help you understand the costs that Health Care Reform could have on your organization so that you can proactively do something about it.  They will also help you comply with the complex, time consuming ACA tracking and reporting requirements.

The Impact Study and Workforce Analysis can help you understand the impact the ACA may have on your benefit plans so that you can evaluate your options and strategically plan to mitigate those impacts.

EQUIFAX Workforce Solutions and UnifyHR are both full service tracking and reporting solutions designed to facilitate data aggregation, analysis and reporting.  Both solutions provide comprehensive IRS reporting.  SAFEHARBOR by Empyrean is an alternative solution that tracks variable hour employees but does not include IRS reporting.

You can’t afford to be out of compliance and that is why we are making these solutions available at a special price for our clients.  For more information about our Health Care Reform Solutions, please contact your Account Executive or John Scatterday at


Additional Information
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Keenan developed the Public Agency Coalition Enterprise (PACE), an exciting program designed exclusively for California public agencies. PACE is a medical purchasing program designed for the future of California health care leading to better cost control, flexibility and employee satisfaction.