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Amy Donovan

About Amy Donovan
Amy is Keenan's Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, authoring the firm's Briefings and position papers on legislation, regulation and litigation that have an impact on the firm and its clients.

The sweeping tax reform bill passed by Congress at the end of last year, and its impact on corporate and individual income tax rates, deductions, […]

As Congress struggles with what to do about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the California Senate passed SB 562, the “Healthy California Act” to propose […]

As the compliance attorney for Keenan’s financial services products, I’m often asked to explain complicated state and federal laws. As a child of the ‘70s, […]

California’s jigsaw jumble of laws and regulations governing employment leave is, to say the least, complicated. Covering a wide range of circumstances – from illness […]

This year’s election cycle may have taken on a bit of a carnival atmosphere, with a no-holds-barred Presidential race monopolizing much of our attention. But […]