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Webinar Presents Guidance On Wildfire Disaster Assistance

December 18, 2018

Last month, in preparation for the season, we posted a blog about preparing your property against wildfire. Since then, many areas of California were devastated by the widespread fires that swept through the state. Sadly, many lives were lost, and thousands of families are without homes. In addition, numerous schools, medical facilities and public buildings were also destroyed, displacing students, health care workers, teachers and employees of public agencies and private employers alike.

These disasters will have a long-term economic impact on the affected California schools, as well as the communities and infrastructure of the most hard-hit areas. Keenan’s IMReady team recently presented an educational webinar to assist school districts with identifying the resources from state and federal agencies that can offset some of the financial burdens created by these disasters. From documentation of the damage caused, to knowing what types of costs are eligible for state and federal assistance, this webinar presented information to help school districts get back to what’s important: educating tomorrow’s leaders.

If you couldn’t attend the live online webinar, or if you would like to review the presentation again, please click below to view the recording posted on our web site.

Keenan stands in support of the communities affected by the wildfires, landslides and flooding this year and we’ve been actively assisting our school, health care and public agency customers who were impacted. Our commitment to resilient communities begins with preparation and training but extends to recovery when the forces of nature overwhelm efforts to protect livelihoods and property.

About William M. Clayton, MS, CSRM, ARM-P, CPD

Bill Clayton joined the Keenan Loss Control team after 27 years in public service. Bill began his career in the U.S. Navy and served in combat in Vietnam and later served in Guam as a police officer, field supervisor, and U.S. Customs Inspector for the Joint Armed Forces Police Detachment. He’s had real-life experience as a first responder and emergency manager. His assignments included environmental safety officer and emergency manager, and nine years as the safety and loss control manager for a large school and community college risk management JPA.

Bill has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, a Master of Science degree in Emergency Services Administration, is a Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM), and an Associate in Risk Management with a Public Entities (ARM-P) designation. Additionally, he’s earned the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Professional Designation (CPD). His extensive Federal (FEMA & Homeland Security) and California State training and experience in risk and emergency management, makes him a subject-matter leader on the IMReady suite of services provided for public entity clients to help them in preparing for unexpected critical incidents and events.