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December 26, 2018

We’ve covered a lot of ground together during 2018! Let’s take this opportunity to review some of the highlights of the past year while we introduce you to the Knowledge Center on the completely redesigned web site.

What’s the Knowledge Center, you ask? It’s the place you can go for all our educational and reference resources, from our webinars, our Safety Shorts videos, the School Safety Center, Health Care Reform tools, our Injured Worker guidance site, and of course, the Keenan Blog. You can reach the Knowledge Center from any page on by clicking on the three lines next to the word “Keenan” in the top banner and selecting Knowledge Center from the drop-down menu. From there you can select just what you need. In fact, that’s how easy it is to navigate to all that our newly designed web site has to offer.

Legislative issues are always of interest to our clients. As 2018 began, a sweeping federal tax reform bill had just been signed into law, carrying with it significant modifications to employee benefits and pension provisions. In the Blog, we outlined the changes that were going into effect. We also covered the questions many employers had about the California Marijuana Legalization, the things it changed, and especially the employment policy, safety and workplace injury considerations that didn’t change.

Student safety and Title IX continued to be major areas of concern for schools and colleges. We explored the implications for discrimination against transgender students and how the federal government is approaching enforcement. Keenan also continued our emphasis on protecting children from abuse and harassment with specific articles on cyberbullying, sextortion, and mandated reporter requirements. Sadly, we again had to revisit the growing tragedy of more mass shootings that took place in schools and communities across the nation.

We focused on preventive measures to enhance risk management, including improving situational awareness, electrical safety at work and home, and being ready before, during and after an earthquake. In addition, we provided reminders of how to protect your personal information from cyber theft and data breaches in our technological world.

Keeping an eye on our organizational budgets as well as our personal pocketbooks was the subject of blog pieces on Social Security and Medicare regulatory changes, updates to pension and health and welfare benefits, and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board’s new rules that now hit the bottom line of public agencies with unfunded retiree liabilities. Our teamwork with other crime prevention organizations helps save our customers from the costs of abuse and waste, as featured in a blog article on the aggressive approach toward workers’ compensation fraud.

We also provided tips and techniques for living a healthier life and staying well; among them were steps to get ready for outdoor activities, how sitting and standing affect your workday, and ways to use mindfulness to improve your well-being. Since laughter is the best medicine, we occasionally had some fun in the Blog, learning the meaningful trivia about our state symbols; reflecting on the shortest month of the year; reading the leaves that aren’t in our teacup; and how digging into obscure sports statistics leads us to prevent injuries.

We’re looking forward to sharing many new insights and important topics of current interest with you in 2019. All of us at Keenan wish you a safe holiday and Happy New Year!

About Tim Crawford
Tim Crawford worked at Keenan for more than 20 years and now consults for the company on communication, media relations and health care reform projects. He is a freelance writer in Santa Fe, NM.