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Nine Million Ways to Make a Difference

September 24, 2020

Twelve years ago, in 2008 we began offering clients Keenan SafeSchools, Keenan SafeColleges and Keenan SafePersonnel as a resource to assist with regulatory training compliance. In January 2018, ten years later, we reached the impressive milestone of 4 million completions. Here we are just two and half years since that milestone and we have more than doubled the completions exceeding 9 million completions. With the emergence of the pandemic, 2020 has been an unprecedented year to say the least. For our clients who have been dealing with the numerous challenges brought on by COVID-19, our training platform has offered a unique and valuable solution.

Just as Keenan had to quickly transition to a remote work environment, so did our clients. Many of our school districts utilized our training platform as one of the ways they could keep employees engaged during campus closures while also maintaining a focus on safety and training compliance. To help customers, we rolled out risk management and infection prevention training on COVID-19 and, since March, our COVID-19 suite (awareness, cleaning/disinfecting and managing stress and anxiety) has been in the top 10 most completed courses.

Clients have utilized our training platform to stay ahead of compliance training during the pandemic, such as Sexual Harassment Prevention for Non-Managers and Mandated Reporter. School districts have completed over 205,000 sexual abuse/molestation microlearning courses this calendar year and, as I write this, completions for the annual required Mandated Reporter training are off the charts with over 77,000 completions just since March. Our other online training platforms are also experiencing similar record-breaking utilization. Exceptional Child, our special education professional development platform, has had over 75,000 course completions since March. Utilization is up over 265%.

While we are gratified by the response to these training platforms, the benefits to our customers and their communities, as well as the state’s taxpayers, are results we can all be proud of. Our schools are safer places for students and staff. As citizens, we can all feel better about using community health care facilities and other public resources. When compared to the costs of on-site training (when such a thing was possible), the online courses provided at no cost to both Keenan clients and non-clients conservatively have saved more than $1 billion. It’s impossible to put a dollar figure to the claims that this training may have avoided for workers’ compensation, liability and medical expense. Finally, we hope the courses have prevented some degree of the intangible losses that arise from child abuse, the pain and uncertainty from injury and illness, and reputational damage.

The traction we are experiencing with Keenan SafeSchools, Keenan SafeColleges, Keenan SafePersonnel and Exceptional Child is off the charts and we are proud of these resources we have created for our clients, their staff and to help protect students. At the current rate of utilization, we expect to continue to break through the current milestones. These resources have given us the opportunity to engage and support our customers through this pandemic. Kudos to Kathy Espinoza and all the P&C Account Managers and Account Coordinators who provide daily support to our customers; and to Trisha Pond who supports the daily inquiries we receive regarding the free online training we offer to non-clients through our School Safety Center.

About Christine Gerbasi
Christine Gerbasi is Vice President – Property & Casualty and leads our Integrated Service Team, providing training statewide to customers, assisting with the development of client specific strategic planning and delivering risk management services. Christine has been with Keenan since 1999, and works closely with both our public agency and health care customers.