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Happy Holiday Season from Keenan

December 22, 2020

Yes, this past year has been filled with challenges that none of us thought we'd have to face this year. But rather than dwelling on what we missed out on, we've chosen to focus on what we are fortunate to have.

There is a lot to be thankful for as we reflect on this past year. At Keenan, we had the opportunity to connect with our coworkers, clients, and professional networks in new ways. Sometimes it was on a Zoom call; other times, it was from the car as we searched out quiet spaces where we would not be completely interrupted. These experiences gave us a unique perspective, as we empathized with each other through different challenges.

We are also thankful for the rich culture of our Keenan associates. From the Chinese Moon Festival and Diwali, through Chanukah, Kwanza, Christmas, and Boxing Day, Keenan associates have always shared our personal holiday traditions with our work family. This year where many of us can't celebrate together, we still wanted to share our traditions with each other. And so, we would also like to share with you. We wish you all a happy holiday season, and better days ahead. Please check out Keenan's holiday card, filled with these wonderful family stories and traditions at: click here.

Happy Holidays from Keenan!