Charter School HR Network Webinar

TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2017 10:30 AM TO 11:30 AM

STRS & PERS increases are coming, are you prepared?

STRS/PERS pension funds are facing major funding issues with lower than expected returns and an increased longevity of retirees. As a result, employer contributions are projected to increase significantly in the next six years.

Join us for this informative webinar about Keenan’s Pension Stabilization Trust, an innovative solution to control your budget. Learn how you can utilize interest return to buy-down future STRS/PERS rate increases.

Jeffrey Mizokawa, Assistant Vice President with Keenan & Associates has been working with California public agencies for 10 years developing strategic plans for schools across the state.

Juliet Lucero, Keenan’s Charter Schools Account Executive, has been providing innovative employee benefits consulting to charter schools since 2003 and is dedicated to the charter school movement in California.