After School Emergencies

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During school hours, schools have an emergency response plan (EOP) in place. But what happens after school hours? Who is in charge? What’s the plan if there’s an emergency after hours?

Think about all the activities that happen before and after the school day. It’s equally important to have an EOP for those activities, and to train those running the activities on the EOP.

Here are some ideas from Campus Safety Magazine on how to create an EOP for after school hours emergencies:

  • Train all personnel that will come in contact with students including volunteers, substitutes, facility workers/maintenance, gate workers, ushers, etc.
  • Keep the plan simple and easy to follow.
  • If possible, display a visual/flowchart of the plan.
  • Athletic programs will need to know where to take shelter during a weather emergency.
  • Fine arts programs and meetings will need to know where to take shelter inside the school, dependent on where they are located in the building.
  • Take special needs assistance into account in your EOP.
  • Before a specific event, try and conduct a briefing to discuss areas of concern.

Training all staff associated with after school hours emergencies can be overwhelming. However, Keenan SafeSchools can help! You can easily build your own policies and custom courses in our system and track compliance alongside regular Keenan SafeSchools courses.

For more information, contact your Keenan & Associates Account Manager or Loss Control Consultant.