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Yes, Video is Important for all Organizations

Guest Blogger 6/7/2016
Guest Blogger


Video is fast becoming the preferred medium for receiving information.  The rapid rise of video content represents an enormous opportunity to reach employees, customers, constituents or colleagues. It’s a much more effective way to deliver a short message about benefits, safety, or job opportunities than through an email or memo.

Video content has an important role to play as mobile devices surpass desktop usage.  As published in Advertising Age, a study by Facebook and Twitter found that users process data much faster on mobile devices.  According to their study, users can recall newsfeed content after just .25 seconds of exposure.

This is a key metric for video content across all social media platforms, but especially for Facebook and Instagram. Videos auto-play by default and can impact consumers quickly.  65% of users who watch at least 3 seconds of a Facebook video go on to watch at least 10 seconds. In the social media environment, that’s an enormous amount of time to engage the viewer.

Here are a few Dos and Don’ts for incorporating video content into your communications outreach with employees and other important audiences:

  • DO create video content that is relevant and entertaining. Content such as benefit enrollment announcements and workplace safety reminders are great applications for short, simple videos. Take a look at this example.
  • DO use printed words in your video to help quickly convey key messages and tell your story visually. Both hearing and reading the message strongly reinforces it for your audience.
  • blog_phone_videoDON’T invest heavily in professional equipment.  It’s simply not necessary for creating an impactful video.  Most of what’s needed is on the smart phone in our hand. In fact, content can be even more authentic and engaging when it’s not overly produced.
  • DON’T start shooting until you know what you want the end product to look like.  White-board your video concepts in advance to hone your content and save time shooting and editing.
  • DO keep it short.  Attention spans are already stretched to the limit.  Grab your viewer’s attention and deliver your message quickly.

The demand for video on social media and other platforms will only continue to grow. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to engaging your audience with your own video content.




Charlotte DoepkerAbout Charlotte Doepker
Charlotte Doepker is Vice President of Digital Marketing at Keenan. She is responsible for social media and non-social media. Follow her on Twitter for tweets about marketing and Notre Dame football.