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What are employees looking for in employee wellness programs?

Guest Blogger 2/25/2016
Guest Blogger


Are employee wellness programs meaningful to employees and what makes them want to participate?

Keenan and the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) recently conducted our first “Wellness in the Workplace” survey. The survey, conducted among IMA’s college-educated professional membership base, was designed to garner insights into employee attitudes toward corporate wellness programs in the workplace. The survey questions ranged from the importance of an employer offering employee wellness programs (from the viewpoint of either a current or prospective employee), the kinds of programs perceived most valuable, how well they are promoted and engage employees, how often employees actually use the program and resources, and how many use wearable fitness tracking devices.

The survey’s data and conclusions are based on responses from over 60 participants. Here is an infographic summarizing the results:


As thought leaders in the industry, we are pleased to provide some insights for employers into the importance of wellness programs in the workplace among employees. Clearly these programs are vital to both attracting and retaining employees, yet there is also room for improvement in terms of their promotion and participation levels in order to maximize effectiveness.

Overall, the survey results highlight the incredible opportunity organizations have to engage with their employees on health and wellness initiatives that can provide tangible benefits for both employees and their employers. Maintaining a healthy workforce is not only critical in controlling a company’s health care costs, but it can also have a major impact on the performance, productivity, and well-being of their employees.


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Robin Rager is Director of Health Management for Keenan. Robin oversees our employee wellness and disease management programs provided to our clients and their workforces. For more information on innovative, cost effective health improvement solutions, please contact Robin at