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There’s No Place Like “On Your Own” for the Holidays

Guest Blogger 12/20/2016
Guest Blogger


The holidays can be filled with the joy of spending time with family and friends. But sometimes travel plans don’t work out, maybe you feel a bit under the weather, or after enough festive gatherings you’re simply ready for some “me-time.” Here is a fun game to try out over the holidays. Since everyone who is not a millennial loves to keep score and rate themselves against others, there is a scoring method and you can donate your “winnings” to your favorite charity. Good luck!

Better or Worse? Flip on the Weather Channel for 20 minutes or so. As they show the weather in various locales around the country, give yourself five points if your weather is worse. Subtract five points when your conditions are better than theirs. If the late December temperature in your town is 70° or higher, subtract 10 points for staying indoors.

Snack Bowl Game. Here’s a diversion for any lull in the action during the 37 college football bowl games throughout the holiday season. Substitute the food you are snacking on – guacamole, wasabi almonds, raw cookie dough, crudités, or whatever – for the actual name of the Bowl Game you are watching. If the (Name of Snack) Bowl is an improvement, give yourself 25 points. Everyone should be able to earn 925 points in this game.

Self Discipline. This is fun if you have your work email on your smart phone! Every time you check email on a day off, dock yourself 10 points. Lose another point for each email you open and read. Deduct five points for responding. This game still gives you a good chance to at least break even…credit one point for each junk/spam email you delete!

Fashion Forward. Holidays away from the workplace are definitely a time for casual attire…to a point. As you answer the door for the deliveries (gifts, purchases, pizza) you receive, award yourself 20 points if you are dressed at least as well as the delivery person. Lose 10 points if your sweater is uglier than theirs. If your outfit says, “I should not be opening the door,” give them a good tip.

Complaint Box. With holiday craziness, it is common to experience some negativity. Give yourself incentive to get positive quickly. Make a cheerfully-decorated box with a small slot on top for depositing your complaints. Every time an uncharitable thought pops into your mind, pop a dollar into your complaint box. On New Year’s Day, count up your points from playing the other solitaire games above. Put another dollar in the box for each point you accumulated during the season. Then send the money to your favorite charity. It’s a sure cure for winter blues.

blog_visit_someoneAnyone There? Make an effort to call or visit another person who could use companionship. Kind words to let someone know you’re thinking of them makes everyone a winner in this game.

If you have suggestions for other holiday fun solitaire games, let us know with your comments! However you celebrate, Keenan wishes you a safe and enjoyable holiday and the very best for the New Year!



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