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Engage Employees on Wellness Where They Are…On Social Media

Guest Blogger 1/5/2016
Guest Blogger


It’s the holy grail of social media outreach: engagement.  It’s that point in which you are doing more than just relaying information via social media sites – it’s when you are actually interacting with your intended audience in a way that is mutually beneficial.

For organizations that want to engage with their current (and future) employees about health and wellness benefits, there may be no better medium.  And with more and more millennials in the workforce, the demand and need for greater interaction on social media has never been higher. After all, this group is already using social media to research and make their health care decisions.

There are many ways in which organizations can use social media to increase communication and engagement about the wellness benefits they offer and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

blog_engage_social_media_02Here are a few tips and suggestions:

  • Create your own wellness-focused content, and make it relevant to your employees.
  • Make sure your content is educational – your employees want to learn something from you!
  • Create a wellness-focused social media group, and encourage your employees to join.
  • Follow other relevant industry groups, to share insights, articles and more.
  • Post relevant third-party content, and be sure to put it in the context of your organization and employees.
  • Ask questions. Employees want to feel that their input is valued, and they love to share their experiences (this is social media, after all!).

Just as the health care industry has the opportunity to engage consumers with content that is both informative and engaging, so do organizations that want to reach their employees.

Millennials order their morning coffee with a tweet – it’s important to give some thought to how they will be using social media channels when it comes to their choices in health care coverage, wellness benefits and ensuring a healthy lifestyle.



Charlotte DoepkerAbout Charlotte Doepker
Charlotte Doepker is Vice President of Digital Marketing at Keenan. She is responsible for social media and non-social media. Follow her on Twitter for tweets about marketing and vintage 80′s videos.