Watch: Teen Depression – A Strong Predictor of Youth Suicide

Wednesday, February 26, at 10:00 AM
Teen Depression: A Strong Predictor of Youth Suicide

Teen depression is a significant problem and depression is the strongest predictor of youth suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for teenagers. There are many misperceptions about depression and the vast majority of depressed teenagers do not receive any treatment even though treatments are proven to work. What can schools, communities and parents do to reduce teenage depression and to prevent suicide? This webinar, which is a must for all school support staff, administrators, concerned parents and community members, outlines what we know about teens and depression and what we can do to ensure they get the treatment they need. This webinar is provided by Dr. Scott Poland who is a pioneer in youth suicide prevention, having written one of the seminal works on this topic in 1989. His background of working in schools for 26 years gives him critical insight into what schools can do. Specific objectives for the webinar are the following:

  • Understand the incidence of teen depression
  • Learn to distinguish depression from moodiness
  • Learn the warning signs of depression and what to look for at school
  • Learn about the most effective treatments and know the facts about anti-depressant usage for teens
  • Understand the role that depression plays in youth suicide and what constitutes a comprehensive prevention program at school


Dr. Scott Poland, Co-Director, Suicide and Violence Prevention Office
Dr. Poland has been a responder to 13 different school shootings, including two in California. He is very dedicated to prevention and identifying the lessons that have been learned from school shootings. He has presented well over 1,000 workshops in every state and numerous foreign countries. He served on the President’s Roundtable for Youth Violence and has testified before congress regarding the safety of children. Dr. Poland is the author of many of our KSS/KSC courses on youth suicide prevention.

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